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1. Ninja-ly fast FREE delivery   2. No Tip   3. No Tax  
4. Premium Japanese rice dishes handcrafted by experienced Japanese chefs.
Best OMOTENASHI delivery experience ever.


Samples of Our
Original Premium Bowls

Changes every week - Price: 7.99 - 9.99

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Sushi Bowl

Brittle Salmon Bowl

Yakinikubeef 2

Beef Bowl

Yakiniku Beef Bowl

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Vegetable Bowl

Grilled Vegetable Supreme Bowl

Weekly premium rice dishes handcrafted by an experienced Japanese chef. Remember the price includes tax, delivery fee and tip.

How do I order?

Order Premium Japanese Rice dishes as easy as 4 steps!

1. Choose your Bowl

Choose from our selection of exclusive Japanese rice dishes.

2. Make a payment

After selecting your favorite rice dishes, make a payment with your credit card and receive order confirmation.

3. Receive a call and meet a driver near the curb. (Stay Inside, Stay Warm!)

Recieve a three-minute warning call and be ready to receive your meals from HACKMAI driver near the curb.

4. Enjoy your meals!

Enjoy our exclusive premium rice dishes! Share about us with your friends :)

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